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Hampton Price Ashe

Father of Bessie

Born: 25 September 1861, Sylva NC
Died: 19 July 1933, Sylva NC
Buried: Waynesville NC

Margaret Tilley Ashe

Mother of Bessie

Born: 26 Feb 1863, Cullowhee NC
Died: 13 June 1943, Sylva NC
Buried: Waynesville, NC

Manley A. Gibson

Father of Fred

Born: 23 April 1870, Jackson County NC
Died: 29 March 1953, Waynesville NC
Buried: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesville NC

Hattie Ward Gibson

Mother of Fred

Born: Jackson County NC
Died: 12 February 1952, Waynesville NC
Buried: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesville NC

Hampton Price Ashe Family
Great Grandparents Ashe
Margaret's Relatives
Margaret Tilley Ashe
Church Photo
Ashe Sisters
Great Great Grandparents
Great Grandparents Gibson & Family
Great Grandparents Gibson
Fred and Bessie with Inlaws
Fred, Ernest and Mom
Front Porch
After Church
Standing Together
Sitting Together
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