I was in the third or fourth grade, so this picture was taken in 1955 or 56.  I recognize Robert Jeffries (Newport News HS Class of 63), first row, left end; Lonnie Berry (NNHS-65), first row, 5th from left; Wesley Staude (attended NNHS-8th grade), first row, 7th from left; Frankie Seymour (attended NNHS-8th grade), first row, 5th from right; Frederick C. Eubank (NNHS-64), first row, 4th from right; Ken Taylor (NNHS-65), first row, 3rd from right; Bob Davis (NNHS-65), first row, right end; Carol Roller (attended NNHS-8th grade), second row, 3rd from right; Jimmy Lamb (NNHS-63) third row, 5th from left; Thommy Rowell (NNHS-64), third row, 6th from left; Ruby Moses (NNHS-64), third row, 7th from left; and Linda Long (NNHS-64), third row, 6th from right.

 Vacation Bible School 

 Summer of 1955 or 56 

 Lead us to a place, 
 Guide us with your grace, 
 To a place where we'll be  safe. 

 "The Prayer" 

In My Father's Arms - Charlie Sneller
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