Marie Gibson Eubank

Mother of Frederick

Born: 26 Jun 1920, Jackson Co, NC

 Died: 21 Jan 1991, Newport News, VA 

Pearl Marie Gibson
Pearl Marie Gibson
Pearl Marie Gibson
Mom age 18
Pearl Marie Gibson
Mom with Parents
Mom age 20
Mom with Fashion Fur
Marie, Fred and Bessie
At Mariners Museum
Mom and GrandMom
Mom with new baby.
Mom on Vacation
Relaxing at Jesse's
Mom with son
Mom poses
Mom at Home
Mom and Mr. King
Mom's Driver's License
Mom's Portrait
Portrait Time

Bessie Ashe Gibson

Mother of Marie

Born: 11 Apr 1893, Jackson County NC

Died: 18 Sep 1965, Riverside Hospital, Newport News VA
Buried: Peninsula Memorial Park, Newport News VA

Hampton Price Ashe

Father of Bessie

Born: 25 September 1861, Sylva NC
Died: 19 July 1933, Sylva NC
Buried: Waynesville NC

Margaret Tilley Ashe

Mother of Bessie

Born: 26 Feb 1863, Cullowhee NC
Died: 13 June 1943, Sylva NC
Buried: Waynesville, NC

Noah Ashe

Father of Hampton 

Theodore Fred Gibson

Father of Marie

Born: 8 Aug 1897, Waynesville NC
Died: 2 May 1979, Haywood County Hospital, Waynesville NC
Buried: Green Hill Cemetary, Waynseville NC

Manley A. Gibson

Father of Fred

Born: 23 April 1870, Jackson County NC
Died: 29 March 1953, Waynesville NC
Buried: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesville NC

Hattie Ward Gibson

Mother of Fred

Born: Jackson County NC
Died: 12 February 1952, Waynesville NC
Buried: Green Hill Cemetery, Waynesville NC

Narve Ward

Father of Hattie 

Elizabeth Sweatman Ashe

Mother of Hampton 

Louis Tilley

Father of Margaret

Died: Cullowhee NC

Hannah Ford Tilley

Mother of Margaret

Died: Cullowhee NC